Exploring Openness Report

Over the past several years, Philanthropy Colorado (formerly Colorado Association of Funders) has actively sought to convene funders and the nonprofit agencies they support — to encourage dialogue, increase understanding and build bridges for the good of communities throughout the state.

That’s why we were excited to learn about an initiative of the Fund for Shared Insight, in partnership with United Philanthropy Forum, to support projects aimed at increasing openness and feedback in our sector. We were ultimately one of five organizations selected to form a leadership cohort statewide to think about what openness means for our sector and how it might be a means of increasing the field’s impact. In keeping with our practice, we invited nonprofit leaders to join with funders in thinking through what we might accomplish together.

We’ve attempted to sum up some of the initial observations and approaches in this publication. We hope it will help to prompt more conversations and that both funders and nonprofits might use it to spark discussions with their staff and boards. The findings are far from scientific and are by no means meant to be prescriptive. We did try to reflect a cross-section of people from an array of organizations around the state.

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