2023-2026 Strategic Roadmap

With the world still reeling from the impact of a global pandemic –- compounded by complex challenges such as equity, climate and violence -- Philanthropy Colorado’s board and staff has engaged in the process of refreshing our 2021-2022 strategic roadmap.  The historic nature of events back in 2020 compelled us to think both boldly and carefully about the evolving needs of our growing membership community. We spent many months listening and deliberating before committing to a two-year framework ultimately aimed at achieving equity as an outcome for the philanthropic sector, the state of Colorado and its communities. 

In 2023, as back in 2020, we turned to our members for insights and feedback on our efforts so far. We again collaborated with consultants at Corona Insights on a comprehensive survey to identify common ground in our diverse network. In summary, we received overwhelming support for the following:

  • Continued commitment to equity as a priority that members strongly want us to continue;
  • Providing spaces for honest and open conversations continues to be a top aspiration;
  • Connection is critical to members, who value learning with others in the field;
  • Effective engagement in rural Colorado ranks as a very important priority area;
  • Advocacy and policy change are important levers in solving pressing problems.

Members also confirmed that the following initiatives had the most significant impact on their organizations: programming around equitable practices, participatory grantmaking and trust-based philanthropy. Our increased focus on encouraging the field to take full advantage of its ability to advocate for policy change resonated with a significant percentage of members while identifying an immediate need to increase awareness about these efforts. 
Given the short duration of our 2021-2022 roadmap and the significant challenges and time required for meaningful and systemic change, Philanthropy Colorado has reaffirmed its overall mission, vision and values and refined and extended its strategic roadmap for the coming three years. 

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Strengthen Colorado communities by bringing people, information, and resources together

Vision: An equitable and sustainable future for Colorado

Values: Collaboration, Diversity, Equity, Generosity, Humility, Inclusion, Leadership, Transformation

2023-2026 Priorities

#1 Advance equity and strengthen society by setting a leadership example and cultivating opportunities for shared learning and action

  • Lead by setting an example of what philanthropy can be; Serve by providing resources to our diverse, vibrant community of philanthropic organizations and individuals committed to investing equitably in Colorado’s future;
  • Build on efforts to connect the dots on philanthropy’s long-time focus areas and existential challenges facing democracy, environment and more as means of achieving equity and sustainability for Colorado communities
  • Build on the success of our existing and emerging rural and statewide networks by providing leadership and spaces for open and honest outcome-driven conversations, joint learning and action to address gaps and invest equitably in opportunities across the state.

#2 Continue building momentum for expanded advocacy and policy work 

  • Engage members in efforts to advance policies that strengthen philanthropy and the broader nonprofit sector while also involving members in regular reviews of existing positions to ensure they remain relevant and serve to advance our overall goals;
  • Expand the capacity of philanthropic institutions to engage in advocacy and policy by providing leadership and elevating resources and tools;
  • Create conditions for philanthropy to explore bold and collective actions in the policy arena to amplify the impact of their grantmaking strategies and achieve their missions.

#3 Commit resources to support collaboration and innovation

  • Set measurable board and staff goals for increasing equity, inclusion and belonging in our operations, culture, programs, networks, and external communications;
  • Tap relationships with members and extend partnerships with colleague organizations to develop and offer tailored learning opportunities that meet members where they are in their commitment toward equity and effective philanthropy, while also supporting those already engaged actively;
  • Review funding, membership investment and dues models to ensure they align with our goals of achieving and extending our mission, vision and values across Colorado.

Philanthropy Colorado Strategic Roadmap Refresh Committee
Board Members: Katie Kramer, Boettcher Foundation; Tariana Navas-Nieves, Denver Arts & Venues; Renee Ferrufino, Women’s Foundation of Colorado; Megan Ledin, The Grand Foundation; Morris Price, The Colorado Trust. Staff: Joanne Kelley, Sophie Stewart-Lopes

2023 Philanthropy Colorado Board of Directors
Chair: Tariana Navas-Nieves, Denver Arts & Venues 
Vice Chair: Renee Ferrufino, Women’s Foundation of Colorado 
Secretary: LaDawn Sullivan, Black Resilience in Colorado Fund, The Denver Foundation
Treasurer: Kristi Petrie, AJL Foundation
Immediate Past Chair: Gary Steuer, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Raymael Blackwell, Caring for Denver Foundation
Tatiana Hernandez, Community Foundation Boulder County
Katie Kramer, Boettcher Foundation
Megan Ledin, Grand Foundation
Morris Price, The Colorado Trust
Ellen Sandberg, PNC Bank
Joy Sullivan, United Way of Larimer County

2023 Philanthropy Colorado Staff: Joanne Kelley (CEO), Amy Swiatek (Senior Director, Rural and Statewide Networks); Eliane Walters (Program and Systems Manager); Sophie Stewart-Lopes (Manager of Operations and Culture); and Jan Brennan (Director of Advocacy and Engagement)

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