Update: Migrants arriving from Southern border: Resources and Needs

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Updated Jan. 26, 2023 

Philanthropy Colorado and several of its members participated in a meeting in late December organized by The Denver Foundation to discuss the recent influx of migrants from the southern border and Colorado's philanthropic response. 

We will post additional updates as they are received. 

Over 1,400 migrants have arrived in the Denver area from Central and South America over the last several weeks. Efforts are under way to assist migrants traveling to other destinations, but many will remain in Denver and Colorado. Approximately 650 people are currently being housed in local emergency shelters.  

January 2023 Update from the Colorado Office of New Americans: 
The Colorado Migrant Welcome Guide is now available in both English and Spanish. The Guide assists asylum seekers and migrants who are interested in remaining in Colorado. The Office is asking for help getting the guide out to those who need it most. 
Colorado Welcome Guide English and Spanish versions

Resources for Individuals seeking help:

How Colorado philanthropy can assist:

Additional questions? Reach out to Janet Lopez with The Denver Foundation or Sarah Kurz with Rose Community Foundation.

January 2023 Federal Funding Update: We will share information on specific needs & gaps as Colorado communities seek to access this funding. 
$800 million Shelter and Services grant program
The FY 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill provides a new $800 million Shelter and Services grant program to support states, localities and NGOs providing shelter and respite to recently arrived migrants. The funding includes up to $50 million for construction and expansion of shelter facilities. The funds will be administered by FEMA as grants or cooperative agreements.