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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Last updated: Thursday, April 2 at 11:30 a.m.

For those looking for resources on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we've complied a list below. Furthermore, we invite you to share with us if your organization has taken either of the following steps:

  • Considered or made a philanthropic contribution in support of the local/national/international response effort
  • Developed or distributed any type of new policy for employees, workplace/travel etc.

COVID-19 Resources & Information

Several Response Funds for COVID-19 have been established in Colorado: 

How Colorado funders are responding:

Other resources for Philanthropy:

Resources for Nonprofits:

Local government links/resources: 

State links/resources: 

Recommended news links: 

Workplace guidance for employees regarding COVID-19 prevention and procedures:

  • As always, if you feel sick, seek medical guidance from your health care provider and do not come to work until you are feeling better and have been diagnosed as not contagious. You should prioritize your health and ensure you do not expose your coworkers to infection.
  • If you feel you may have been exposed to an infectious disease, are exhibiting symptoms or have been diagnosed as contagious by your health care provider, you should immediately isolate yourself from others. Please contact your supervisor to inform them so that appropriate actions can be taken to prevent the spread of any infection.
  • If you have returned from areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases and experience cough, fever or shortness of breath within 14 days of return, you should call ahead to a healthcare professional and mention your recent travel or close contact. If you have had close contact with someone showing these symptoms who has recently traveled from areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases, you should call ahead to a healthcare professional and mention your close contact and their recent travel.

See below for further reading on the impacts of Coronavirus:

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