Colorado Philanthropy Addresses Climate Action

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Why should Colorado philanthropy play an active role in addressing climate action? 

Erika with The Buck Foundation shared that it historically funds social justice movements and has added Climate Action to its priority funding areas. "The foundation believes that climate change is the most critical life-threatening issue that intersects with all other social justice issues," according to Erika. The Buck Foundation's Climate Action grant focus area supports initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution and support the transition to an equitable, sustainable economy.

Gates Family Foundation shares their perspective, that climate change, population growth and urbanization threaten “Colorado’s iconic mountain ranges, farms and ranchlands, public lands, rivers and open spaces that are an undeniable part of our shared identity as Coloradans.”

The Climate Action Network was formed in response to member interest in this issue and in opportunities for sharing and potential collaboration. The group meets quarterly to learn and share how they are addressing climate change through philanthropic grants, investments, advocacy and policy change. The Climate Action Network is led by Erika Church with The Buck Foundation, Dace West with The Denver Foundation and Mary Seawell from Gates Family Foundation.

The November quarterly meeting of the Climate Action Network demonstrates the value of this membership opportunity, with the group hearing from representatives from the Colorado Resiliency OfficeInfrastructure Investment & Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act, K-12 Energy & Environment program of the Aspen Institute and southwest Colorado’s Climatarium education and career initiative of Lyra Colorado and the Gates Family Foundation. Meetings always include time for Q&A and for members to share updates regarding their work.
Please contact to be added to this peer network listserv and receive information ahead of the quarterly meetings. 

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