Replanting Community News: Why a new chapter for 24 weekly newspapers matters for Colorado — and the nation

Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

As hedge funds and billionaires clash swords over control of big-city newsrooms nationwide, a mission-driven coalition of national and local collaborators this month announced an acquisition of Colorado Community Media, the state's largest family-owned chain of weekly newspapers.

Both the operational partnership and the impact investment are first-of-their-kinds in the nation. So how and why did this unique deal come together -- and what could it mean for the future of hyperlocal community news and information in Colorado, and the nation?

In this session, you'll hear from local and national funders who backed the acquisition, as well as the civic news leaders who will steward the 24 news outlets that collectively serve more than 330,000 Colorado residents. In cities and towns throughout the Denver metro area, these local journalists are often the only ones covering local politics and elected officials, local businesses, public education, health and wellness, the arts, and many other important community issues.

Lillian Ruiz and Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, National Trust for Local News
Larry Ryckman and Dana Coffield, The Colorado Sun
Sue Dorsey, Gates Family Foundation
Danielle Shoots, The Colorado Trust
Jason Alcorn, American Journalism Project

Melissa Milios Davis, Gates Family Foundation/Colorado Media Project
Laura Frank, Colorado News Collaborative

Colorado Media Project | Philanthropy Colorado | American Journalism Project

NOTE: Capacity for this webinar is limited to 100. To accommodate more registrants, we also plan to webcast the event live - Register here

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