2021-2022 Strategic Roadmap

The historic nature of recent events -- when a global health pandemic, an economic crisis, unprecedented wildfires and a reckoning with racial injustice have collided -- compelled us to think critically and carefully about the evolving needs of our members. Our board and staff engaged in a process focused on listening to our members as we developed a new strategic roadmap to guide our work.

Over 50 years, we have played a variety of roles for organizations that make up our statewide network. Sometimes, you have asked us to serve, concentrating on convening people with the resources, expertise, and experiences you need to achieve your missions. Other times, you have looked to us to lead by helping shape the philanthropic landscape of Colorado and your place within it. We are listening to you -- to zero in on what you need most from us now and in the future. Based on what we heard, we envision a future in which we are committed to advancing your missions as well as to achieving equity as an outcome for the philanthropic sector, the state of Colorado and its communities. 

Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Mission: Strengthen Colorado communities by bringing people, information and resources together
  • Vision: An equitable and sustainable future for Colorado
  • Values: Collaboration, Diversity, Equity, Generosity, Humility, Inclusion, Leadership, Transformation

2021 - 2022 Priorities
#1 Advance equity by setting a leadership example and cultivating opportunities for shared learning and action
Lead by setting an example of what philanthropy can be; Serve by providing necessary resources to the diverse, vibrant community of philanthropic organizations and individuals committed to investing in Colorado’s future;
Invite our members on a journey of values-driven discovery, reflection and partnership to achieve equity and sustainability for Colorado communities;
Build on the success of our growing rural and statewide networks by providing leadership and spaces for open and honest outcome-driven conversations, joint learning and action to address gaps and invest equitably in opportunities across the state.

#2 Create fresh momentum for expanding advocacy and policy work
Maintain support for policies that support philanthropy and the broader nonprofit sector while also involving members in a review of existing positions to ensure they are relevant and also serve to advance equity and inclusion;
Expand the capacity of philanthropic institutions to engage in advocacy and policy by providing leadership and elevating resources and tools;
Explore bold and collective actions in the policy arena to achieve the mission and vision of Philanthropy Colorado and our members.

#3 Commit resources to support cultural change and collaboration
Set measurable board and staff goals for improving the recent baseline assessment of our capacity to advance racial equity both internally and externally;
Tap relationships with members and partner organizations to inventory, share and develop tailored resources and peer learning opportunities that meet members where they are in their commitment toward equity, while also supporting those already engaged actively;
Implement a staffing and funding model to achieve and extend our mission, vision and values across Colorado.
Planning Process                                                                                 

We collaborated with consultants at Corona Insights to help us imagine the future and the role of Philanthropy Colorado. To support this effort, we surveyed our membership and identified several key insights. In summary, we heard overwhelming support for the following:

  • Members want Philanthropy Colorado to focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Members value connections, networks, and conversations
  • Members prefer a Colorado-tailored state and local focus
  • Members want to see Philanthropy Colorado both serve and lead

We took everything we learned from the survey -- as well as facilitated discussions with our Board and staff -- and held a retreat to contemplate Philanthropy Colorado’s strategic direction and priorities through 2022. After careful deliberation and board conversations that began back in 2016, we determined that now is the time for us to embrace equity and inclusion as imperatives, as the outcomes Colorado communities deserve that result from the connections of our statewide funder-led network. We invite you to learn, share, and connect with us and each other to imagine a future where all our missions are realized, and all communities thrive. We have much to learn and accomplish; we invite you to embark on this journey.

Philanthropy Colorado Strategic Roadmap Committee
Board Members:
Jeff Hirota, Community Foundation Boulder County (through June 30);
Katie Kramer, Boettcher Foundation;
Amy Latham, The Colorado Health Foundation;
Tariana Navas-Nieves, Denver Arts & Venues;
Gary Steuer, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation;
LaDawn Sullivan, The Denver Foundation.

Philanthropy Colorado Staff: Joanne Kelley, Anna Metropulos, Amy Swiatek, Eliane Walters

2020 Philanthropy Colorado Board of Directors
Chair: Amy Latham, The Colorado Health Foundation
Vice Chair: Gary Steuer, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Treasurer: Abel Wurmnest, Anschutz Family Foundation
Secretary: Tariana Navas-Nieves, Denver Arts & Venues
Ned Calonge, The Colorado Trust
Heather Carroll, Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
Jeff Hirota, Community Foundation Boulder County (through June 30)
Katie Kramer, Boettcher Foundation
Megan Ledin, Grand Foundation
Kristi Petrie, AJL Foundatoin
Virginia Romano, Dresner Foundation
LaDawn Sullivan, The Denver Foundation

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