Denver-based youth choir Vocal Coalition send uplifting emails during pandemic

Monday, February 22, 2021
Denver-based youth choir singers from Vocal Coalition (VOCO) are virtually linking arms and sending messages of kindness and hope to each other through the Be The Love campaign.
Be The Love campaign is separated into two parts and anybody from the public can participate. The first is a daily Be The Love email from one of VOCO’s singers to encourage others to send love throughout their day. The other is a Be The Love podcast to engage people when they’re socially distancing. 
Since the Be the Love campaign launched in November 2020, VOCO youth singers have sent nearly 5,000 hopeful daily e-mail messages to recipients around the world.
Links to media below:
To begin receiving Be The Love daily doses of hope e-mails specially crafted by VOCO’s youth singers, sign up here.
Listen to the podcast here!
VOCO's virtual pandemic performance
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