Strategic Communications Director

Strategic Communications Director
Full time
Organization Name: 
Caring for Colorado Foundation
Application Deadline: 
Friday, April 7, 2023
Job Description: 

This position is directly responsible for leading and implementing a comprehensive, strategic communications plan, collaboratively facilitating all internal and external communications and, in consultation with the CEO, holds final approval for all external communications products to ensure brand alignment. The ideal candidate will be a strategic communications professional with strong experience in collaboratively creating effective strategies and managing organizational and initiative communications that achieve targeted goals. We are seeking a colleague who is an excellent writer and communicator. This person will have aligned values, along with the demonstrated ability to establish and maintain trust across a variety of stakeholders in the effective design and execution of communications strategies that utilize a range of media tools.

At Caring for Colorado, we believe social change happens when people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and identities come together with common purpose. We are committed to building a team that that is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and opportunities for Colorado’s children and their families.

Strategic Communications

  • Manage implementation of a dynamic strategic communications plan to advance Caring for Colorado’s mission of building a healthier future for Colorado’s children and families.
  • Develop tailored communications strategies for our grantmaking initiatives and projects that align with the overall strategic communications plan.
  • Support strategic planning and community engagement activities through messaging, community engagement, and listening events and materials.
  • Provide communications support for all staff and board, ensure inclusion of communication needs, voice, and audience across our Pueblo- and Denver-based work.
  • Identify, and support staff in identifying storytelling opportunities that advance foundation mission, promote the work of grantees, and educate community on issues related to our strategic priorities.
  • Center equity in all efforts by ensuring language, accessibility, and values further the Foundation’s intentions to engage, align, and serve as an ally to all communities.
  • Oversee Caring for Colorado’s brand identity, brand assets, and messaging to ensure consistency.
  • Provide communication and marketing support to foundation fundraising activities.
  • Select, direct and manage consultants who are hired to enhance foundation communication or marketing activities, including technology vendors associate with communications.
  • Keep the organization’s crisis communication plan current and manage implementation.
  • Monitor metrics and conduct ongoing informal and periodic formal assessments of the effectiveness of Caring for Colorado’s communication strategies and implementation efforts.
  •  Integrated Channel Management

  • Actively oversee the editorial calendar for the planning and timely dissemination of all communications activities, including a content calendar and social media calendar.
  • Lead editorial direction, developing content, writing, editing, design, production, and distribution via the organization’s communication channels, including the website, email, social media, earned media, newsletter, stories, reports, presentations, and other publications and materials.
  • Manage the website strategy and maintenance including overseeing all design, functionality and periodic content updates. Align and integrate content across core strategy and subsidiary efforts, to include facilitating structure and alignment of websites.
  • Create basic visual assets and oversee the creation of advanced visual assets for all communication channels.
  • Manage the social media platforms, creating content and visuals tailored to platforms, and scheduling posts to achieve maximum reach and engagement.
  • Manage media and press relations to ensure positive coverage of Caring for Colorado and its grantmaking initiatives, special events, public announcements, and key news, activities, and achievements.
  • Establish and manage integrated, effective contact databases for the organization, initiatives, and media and communications activities.
  • Track the effectiveness of reach and engagement via all communication channels; monthly reporting of reach and engagement; and identify opportunities to grow reach and increase engagement.
  •  Department Management

  • Work closely with leadership to promote positive internal communications that engage and inform employees and ensure integrated, collaborative, brand-consistent communications across Caring for Colorado.
  • Identify and manage external consultants to supplement work as needed.
  • Provide indirect management of internal staff providing supportive communications roles as needed.
  • Provide communications training to staff to grow capabilities.
  • Develop, carefully manage, and track a budget for communications activities