Director of Community Leadership

Director of Community Leadership
Full time
Organization Name: 
Gary Community Investments
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, October 25, 2020
Job Description: 

About Gary Community Investments

Gary Community Investments, which includes The Piton Foundation, invests in for-profit and philanthropic solutions for Colorado’s low-income children and their families. We believe that business and philanthropy can—and should—work together to create opportunities for those who need it most. Gary Community Investments (GCI) is committed to investing in quality early childhood and youth development systems, expanding sustainable economic opportunities, and developing and supporting programs that create healthy family and community environments.

Click here to watch a brief message from Mike Johnston, GCI’s President & CEO, about GCI’s unique role at this important juncture in our country’s history.


What This Role Is

As part of our recent strategy refresh, Gary Community Investments is committed to changing the way philanthropy is done. That starts with how the problem is defined, and we envision our community itself co-owning problem definition alongside us to ensure it is informed by lived experience and connected to the systemic, structural barriers that undercut opportunity. Moreover, as a sunsetting organization, GCI recognizes that one of its most profound contributions to the Denver Metro Area is seeding the next generation of civic, business, and nonprofit leadership that will lead our region to shared prosperity.

To those ends, the Director of Community Leadership is the nexus between our community and the rest of our team and will be charged with two, interrelated initiatives: (a) developing an in-house leadership program that identifies, recruits, trains, and places 1,000 of the Metro Area’s 14- to 40-year-olds in the next generation of senior leadership positions in business, nonprofit, and government; and (b) working with those community members (and others) to co-define the problems in their communities that they see as undercutting opportunity.


Click here  to watch a brief message from Damion LeeNatali, GCI’s VP-Strategic Philanthropy & Policy, about why this role is critical to our mission - and how the unique blend of skills it will require.


What You Might Do in a Day

  • Design a training module for high school-age students to understand how and why public systems and private markets are not delivering the opportunity for all children and their families.
  • Meet with our Investment Directors and a group of refugees in Arapahoe County to understand how the refugees would define the problem of lack of access to living-wage jobs.
  • Join a meeting with the VP-Strategic Philanthropy and Policy, state legislators, and your community-based leaders to ensure legislative bill drafts are informed (and led) by the community leaders you have seeded across the Metro Area.
  • Lead an informational call for CEOs, policymakers, and nonprofit executives who are looking to hire senior positions from the talent pool you have developed.


This Job Might Be For You If…

  • You love people. Maybe you’re an extrovert who’s never stood in a line without making a friend. Maybe you’re an introvert who loves deep, one-on-one conversations. Either way, “philanthropy” means “love of people,” and at GCI, we mean it. You’ll need to work with all kinds of people - community members and Democrats and Republicans and people you’re friends with and people you deeply disagree with - and, in this age of polarization, you’ll need to be able to bridge across their worldviews to drive positive change.
  • You live and breathe talent development & leadership. You have an eye for identifying potential leaders (especially those who don’t come from traditional backgrounds), and you love developing them along their leadership journey. In some form or another, you have developed highly effective leadership development programs for a range of ages and racial/ethnic backgrounds.
  • You’re humble enough to fly at different altitudes. You’re as comfortable planning a major stakeholder event as you are taking out the trash when it’s over.
  • You’re a master empath. You have a knack for deep listening, understanding what other people need, and delivering.


Things We Really Want

  • Insatiable curiosity (you’re always asking questions and refining your worldview)
  • A desire to build (you don’t end at curiosity; you build new ways to develop hypotheses and take smart risks to test them)
  • Team players (you go out of your way to coach, support, seek feedback, and collaborate with your teammates)
  • Fun (you know how to “bring the joy,” even - and especially - when the work feels hard)


Things We Really Don’t Want

  • Ladder climbers (we’re looking to scale our impact, not our org; we need those who seek to grow their impact and influence, not get the next title)
  • Backbiting (we’re a small team, and we have zero tolerance for gossip or drama)
  • Credential hawks (we care about what you can do - and how well you work with others to do it - not your credentials)
  • Incrementalists (we have promised to deliver structural, systemic change for our community, and we only have 15 years to do it; we must think about the world as it could be rather than marginally improving the world as it is)



  • See above. Really. We don’t care whether you have a degree or where you got it. Your last job title won’t matter much - we probably won’t really understand it anyway. We care about what you’re capable of doing and how you treat the people around you while you do it. If you are reading this job description and getting excited, but don’t think you’re qualified - apply anyway. If you are tired of waiting for the change you know needs to happen, so are we. Check out this short video from Chryise Harris, our Vice President of Communications. 


Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • This is a regular, full-time exempt position
  • Competitive health benefits package including medical and dental
  • Vacation, Sick Leave and Paid Holidays
  • 401(k) plan; with generous employer matching


Application Instructions

To apply for this position please submit your resume as well as answers to the following questions;

  1. Why are you compelled by GCI’s mission? Why, specifically would you work in this job to do that?
  2. What is the impact you’re most proud of? 
  3. Describe your ideal team. What environments do you thrive in? What environments don’t you thrive in?
  4. What would people say it’s like to work with you?
  5. What's a problem you are currently trying to solve and what have you learned in the process?

Responses to questions can be submitted in writing, presentation, or audio/video file. Responses to questions replace a formal cover letter. Please see length guidance below.

  • Written response should be no longer than two pages
  • Audio/video recording should be no longer than 10 minutes
  • Presentations should be no longer than 10 slides

*Our hiring website only allows .doc or .pdf attachments. If you have other attachments, please download them to google drive, and link them via tinyurl or bitly in a word document. You can then upload that document directly into our application site.


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